Feng Shui Bathroom Colors

Learn how to feng shui your bathroom and let wealth flowing in to your home. The close relationship between feng shui and bathroom wealth. Properly feng shui color your home and business can bring in balance, energy and prosperity. You will learn how link colors with yin and yang energy. Here’s a complete feng shui colors guide to help you choose the best colors for living room, bedroom, kitchen & MUCH MORE! Covers 8 directions & 5 elements! Feng Shui bathroom is THE WAY to stop bathrooms & toilets from flushing away positive energy from your home. Here are feng shui bathroom & toilet tips. What colours are your walls? To attract positive vibrations, read the Feng Shui Colours and choose your favourites! Its ok to have a spa like feng shui bathroom. But the toilet will always drain the luck of any corner. Is your bathroom in your Wealth or love corner? .

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Discover the psychological effects and meanings of Feng Shui Colors. How do they effect you, and how to use them for your own success and happiness in life. Bathrooms seem problematic from a Feng Shui standpoint, don’t they? Things called “bathrooms” didn’t exist when Feng Shui originated in ancient China. A bathroom with plants & flowers has good Feng Shui. People washed themselves in public spaces and generally had outhouses in their backyards Each color is an expression of a feng shui element, and each color can bring good feng shui into your space if you know how to use it. What are the lucky colors to wear in 2018? Discover the lucky color of the year 2018 of your Chinese zodiac sign and which Feng Shui colors are auspicious for your home and business. .

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